How far Right have we moved?

Blog | 2010-12-02 | 4 Comments

I was doing some reading for work the other day, and saw an original handbill for the 1963 March on Washington event. And it had some details in it that sparked my curiosity, so I went googling for a higher resolution (i.e. more readable) version of the document, and found this website with a longer […]

Our Selfish Priorities

Blog | 2009-09-22 | No Comments

Who’s looking out for Big Insurance?! They keep our selfish priorities in check when we can’t.

Total Surface Area Required to Fuel the World (until 2030)

Blog | 2009-09-15 | 2 Comments

According to the US Department of Energy, the world consumption of energy in all of its forms (barrels of petroleum, cubic meters of natural gas, watts of hydro power, etc.) is projected to reach 678 quadrillion Btu by 2030 – a 44% increase over 2008 levels. That’s a lot of energy. Saw this really interesting article that tries to project the total surface area required to fuel that 2030 world with ONLY SOLAR PANELS!

C’mon Congress, get us some affordable healthcare!

Blog | 2009-09-10 | No Comments

So… last night, our President gave a speech about health care reform. t was really inspiring last night, hearing him speak to Congress. Directly to Congress itself! He really seemed to be trying to get the politics to be put aside, and try to get these Washington folks to bring us affordable healthcare! If you have an hour, the whole speach is here, but the good stuff starts around 20-25 minutes in.