Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

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I haven’t been back in a couple of years, but I remember them having a mean-ass karaoke night! Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar! Cool little snap-shot-and-historical type video… Check it out!

“Classic” Viral Movie?

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Is it possible for there to be a “Classic” viral video? Well… if it is possible, this one is it! End of the World by the albinoblacksheep.com folks!

9000 is off the hook

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Wanna spend an hour being amazed by self loathing and love of destruction… and 16bit video games… and jesus… and spock… then check out 9000, and wonder why you never make anything creative.

Motion Graphics and Information Design

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Motion Graphics and Information Design… Check out this sweet ass motion graphic visualization about The Crisis of Credit that our global economy is currently digging itself out of … brought to you by Jonathan Jarvis and The New Mediators.

Always Sunny Season 5

Blog | 2009-07-31 | One Comment

Season 5 is coming… Does your cat make TOOOOOO much noise…?

A real Mix-Master

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OK, so this guy is a real mix-master. All his videos are comprised of YouTube videos and their accompanying sound track. So the music in these videos is him layering all the sound from the YouTube videos!

Vince and the Direct Marketing of Deez Nuts.

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Vince and his viral youtube spawns. Remix at will!

Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity

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Larry Lessig, the Net’s most celebrated lawyer, cites John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights and the “ASCAP cartel” in his argument for reviving our creative culture.