Timeline of why NOBODY should EVER, EVER ship via UPS to a South Philly residence. #UPSFail

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The following is my personal timeline break-down of why NOBODY should EVER, EVER, send packages to anyone in South Philadelphia, using UPS. #UPSFail

FDR Skatepark // A Visual History

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Last year I was asked to contribute to a book that was in the works to “…visually document FDR skatepark… it’s history… it’s culture… it’s attitude. Youknowhwatimean?”

Paula Scher, and a Designer’s Career…

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My take on a bummer of a Paula Scher “infographic” speaking about the typical career of designers.

Responsive/Adaptive Web Design

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I’ve been excited by the possibilities I’ve been seeing with “Responsive Web Design” (or some folks refer to it as “Adaptive Web Design”) for well over a year now, and figured I’d post a little something about it.

South Philly Do-Or-Die.

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So I’m just gonna say it. South Philly has a lot of sucky aspects. There are some people down here that are just SO stupid and/or inconsiderate. There’s trash like urban tumbleweed because the city stopped street sweeping and removed corner trash cans. There’s drug dealing corner bars that go unchecked for generations. (until recently that is :-) But I’m not really wanting to focus on the negatives. (like parking during, and after a snow storm) What I want to focus on here for a little bit are the positives. And there are some seriously nice positives.

Best Click Ad Ever!!!

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Best Click Ad Ever!!! See if you have the endurance to fully experience this insane banner…

The future of “Print”?

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Wow. Talk about deep content. This little visualization of what Sports Illustrated could turn into on is completely “Game ON!” (sorry, had to do it) This is exactly the type of thing that has so many people excited about the prospect of some sort of Apple “Tablet”.

Pattern is Movement with the Roots

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I wasn’t there, but it sure looks (and sounds!) like a total blast! And there’s BOWLING TOO! Who could ask for more?! And a happy belated birthday to Talib Kweli & Black Thought! Pattern is Movement! WOOOOOOOT!

Awesometown, population Pomplamoose.

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Pomplamoose is basically a duo (and a happy couple btw) out of San Fran! She’s Nataly Dawn, saucy but demure, and smart… with a voice on her that makes you sit up and listen. And he’s Jack Conte, creative and free, and talented. (and the ladies at my work feel he’s a looker too!) And they make goddamn good music! And VideoSongs too! VideoSongs are basically WYSIWYG music.

Our Selfish Priorities

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Who’s looking out for Big Insurance?! They keep our selfish priorities in check when we can’t.