Responsive/Adaptive Web Design

Blog | 2012-02-21 | 4 Comments

I’ve been excited by the possibilities I’ve been seeing with “Responsive Web Design” (or some folks refer to it as “Adaptive Web Design”) for well over a year now, and figured I’d post a little something about it.

Night Kitchen Re-Skin ~ Home Page

Night Kitchen Website Re-Skin

Featured | 2012-01-09 | No Comments

A quick, low-workload “re-skin” of the Night Kitchen website to bring a new, cleaner look to a website that hadn’t changed visually in at least 3 years.

NMAH ~ Educational Citizenship Website (Welcome Screen)

Smithsonian’s NMAH ~ Educational Citizenship Website

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Working in partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (NMAH) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office, we developed an interactive, multimedia-rich website that supports aspiring citizens’ efforts to pass the civics portion of the new USCIS Citizenship Test.

SFMOMA CDG ~ Main Website Mobile & CDG Main Mobile Menu

SFMOMA Country Dog Gentlemen ~ Mobile Website Conversion

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Adapting the existing SFMOMA Country Dog Gentlemen animations into an HTML5 experience, so visitors with mobile devices that do not support Flash can still partake in the enhanced rich-media experience.

<em>Any</em>Place ~ Homepage Map-Based Rotator

AnyPlace Platform Website

Featured | 2012-01-09 | No Comments

Creation of subtlety branded AnyPlace skin to go over top of the community-oriented PhilaPlace place-based platform.

MHS ~ 3D Fort Snelling Proposed Homepage

Minnesota Historical Society ~ 3D Fort Snelling Website

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Building an interactive content-rich, collections-based website, and identifying innovative ways to engage visitors of all ages in Fort Snelling’s rich history.

My very first SlideShare presentation!

Blog | 2010-06-03 | No Comments

Looky here! My first ever presentation! It’s a little ditty I created to help of traditional media folks transition over to the brave new world of online banner ads and all the specs they have to understand and bring into their Work Orders.

Saint Clare’s Recommended Homepage Design

Saint Clare’s – Site Redesign

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Create a full website redesign to build off of the Saint Clare Health System’s rebranding and refocusing.

The future of “Print”?

Design | 2009-12-04 | No Comments

Wow. Talk about deep content. This little visualization of what Sports Illustrated could turn into on is completely “Game ON!” (sorry, had to do it) This is exactly the type of thing that has so many people excited about the prospect of some sort of Apple “Tablet”.

Google Wave

Blog | 2009-10-06 | No Comments

Can’t speak for it’s actual usefulness, as I don’t have an invite yet… but from the videos I’ve seen, it looks like it could be a really amazing new communication shift. Almost like going from paper letters to email… but I’ll hold off judgement until I actually get to try it out. :-)