KidsHealth – Pulse Magazine

Summary: Create a consumer-quality magazine for kids ages 11-13 that informs in a fun and non-preachy voice about nutrition, fitness, weight, and self-image. The emphasis was on developing independence and a positive self-image. And with the exception of the Kurt Warner photos and the “Fitting in the Fit” exercise photo shoot, all visual content was either stock or created in illustrator. This was a really great project in which I got a chance to jump back into print design. It was my first project moving from Quark to InDesign, and it was a surprisingly easy affair. Overall, our group was very happy with the project, unfortunately we very never able to find funding for it, so it has not been produced yet.

Tech: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
Role: Designer / Art Director
Link: View a PDF (1.8 MB)

KidsHealth Kid Tip – Direct Response

Summary: Create a turnkey vehicle to promote awareness and create new business for independent children hospitals. The result was a dual approach that used 12 (monthly) direct mail postcards to generate awareness, and drive traffic to a corresponding microsite designed to convert them to clients of the local hospital. I created the post cards in Quark, spot art in Illustrator, and designed the web pages in Photoshop, and coded the site in Homesite. Just call me a one-man-band.

Tech: Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Homesite
Role: Designer, Art Director, Developer