Paula Scher, and a Designer’s Career…

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My take on a bummer of a Paula Scher “infographic” speaking about the typical career of designers.

NMAH ~ Educational Citizenship Website (Welcome Screen)

Smithsonian’s NMAH ~ Educational Citizenship Website

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Working in partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (NMAH) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office, we developed an interactive, multimedia-rich website that supports aspiring citizens’ efforts to pass the civics portion of the new USCIS Citizenship Test.

<em>Any</em>Place ~ Homepage Map-Based Rotator

AnyPlace Platform Website

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Creation of subtlety branded AnyPlace skin to go over top of the community-oriented PhilaPlace place-based platform.

Open House Chicago ~ Website Home Page

Open House Chicago’s Location-Based Desktop and Mobile Websites

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Construction of the Open House Chicago website and mobile website for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

MHS ~ 3D Fort Snelling Proposed Homepage

Minnesota Historical Society ~ 3D Fort Snelling Website

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Building an interactive content-rich, collections-based website, and identifying innovative ways to engage visitors of all ages in Fort Snelling’s rich history.

Philly Tax Amnesty 01 - Approved Website Homepage

Philadelphia Tax Amnesty – Website and Online Media Campaign

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Develop the online components of a full media campaign to promote the Philadelphia Tax Amnesty program for the city of Philadelphia.

Acura Dealer Association Homepage with Video

Acura – Dealer Association Website

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Create an on-brand website for the regional Acura trade association, with the main purpose of efficiently educating users about current promotions.

EPX 01 – Logo Lock-Ups (3 configurations)

East Passyunk Crossing – Branding & Building a Community

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A consistent and memorable brand across many different promotional channels for my local community’s civic association.