2013, Smithsonian National Museum of American History Awards
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Preparing for the Oath: U.S. History and Civics for Citizenship
“It showcases artifacts and recounts history to help immigrants prepare for the 100-question citizenship test in a way so simple, informative and fun, I had my two kids, 14 and 10, go through each capsule and take the test — and sent it to their teachers! It’s a great way to make history accessible.” ~ Lonnae O’Neal Parker, Top 10 museums of 2012
AAM EdCom Award for Excellence, 2013
IMA Award Best in Class for Government, 2013
IMA Award Best in Class for Education, 2013

2004 to 2011, Executive Board
AIGA Philadelphia, Interactive Co-Chair, responsible for planning and executing the direction of the website and online promotions. Entails close liaison work with each board member for content updates, improvements to the website, and incorporating new technologies or upgrades to the chapter’s online presence. Also included re-designing and developing an entirely new website with a customized Drupal CMS, along with educating/negotiating with the board on direction and completion.

2006 Winner in Direct Mail and Direct Response
Graphic Design USA, Magazine. Designed a monthly postcard program for, that promotes awareness and create new business for independent children’s hospitals.

2005 Winner in Motion Graphics and Interactive Design
Graphic Design USA, Magazine. The Time for Bed sleep game for is an kids educational Flash quiz/game about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

2005 Webby Website Winner
The Webby Awards. won Best Health Website in 2005.

2004 Webby Website Winner
The Webby Awards. won Best Family/Parenting Website in 2004.

1999 Design secrets of the Pros article
Presentations, Magazine. I was featured as one of the 10 Pros in their “Design Secrets of the Pros” article. My section outlined how I created an instructional interactive CD-rom with voiceover using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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