People describe me as the go-to-guy for getting engaging and usable projects designed and running effectively. For more than 15 years, I have designed and created effective solutions for a wide variety of graphic and interactive mediums. Most recently I have focused on websites and computer-based education interactives, with past projects in 3D animation, video editing, social media, and of course print.

Going beyond specific media and techniques, my passion is for creating educational activities and interactions which aim to reveal meaning and relationships through the use of first-hand, emotionally engaging experience, and illustrative/narrative media.

“Dave has been designing, planning and building interactive ‘things’ of all kinds for over a decade. Whether it’s websites that deliver for clients, social media content and strategy, interactive CDs, kiosks, 3D animation, video editing, or even executing a dramatic print ad, Dave is always a talented and reliable resource. And guess what? He speaks non-geek too! If there’s a complicated interactive decision to be made, Dave is the person people go to for a clear, simple, and jargon-free explanation.”

Extract from a professional profile | The Star Group

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